Subsurface Services

We Provide Utility Locating Services Near You.


Utility Locating

Locating and avoiding any underground utility lines, public or private, beneath the construction site.

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Concrete Scanning

To locate utilities and structural elements embedded in concrete.

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Video Pipe Inspection

Identifying the cause of a sewer line or pipe issue.

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Leak Detection

Highly recommended to reduce the need to dig out the ground or remove structures to inspect pipes physically.

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Call A Private Utility Locator Before You Dig.

Underground private utility locating is critical to any construction project where subsurface excavation is planned. GPRS offers ground penetrating radar, video pipe inspection, as well as mapping and modeling services. Our Project Managers have the skills and equipment to handle any subsurface challenges. To do this, GPRS uses various advanced locating technologies in conjunction with our world-class SIM process.

Locating Buried Electrical Lines | Locating Water Lines | Locating Gas Lines | Locating Sewer Lines

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