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With over 300 Project Managers, strategically stationed in every major market and city across the United States, GPRS has an unmatched nationwide service network that makes it quick and easy to find an expert Project Manager in any potential customer’s area. GPRS ensures they can reach your location within 24 to 48 hours of contact to solve all and any of your utility locating needs. Contact GPRS for information, pricing and scheduling needs.





Private Utility Locating in Pennsylvania

GPRS’ private utility locating services are meant to give your excavation team a detailed picture of what utility lines lie beneath the surface of your job site. To ensure the overall timely success of the job, utility detection is critical to any construction project where subsurface excavation is planned. If ignored, budget overruns multiply, your schedule turns chaotic and there’s risk of injuries taking place on your job site. The standard is one-call (811) utility locating, a state-sponsored public service that is required for every project. However, the scope of this service is limited to areas that only serve the public’s interest.

To achieve the complete success you're looking for, you’ll want to connect with an expert private service provider like GPRS.

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Pennsylvania’s Best Private Utility Locators

Hiring a private utility locating company is an important first step whenever you are starting a project that involves digging or excavating into the subsurface. Failing to locate all subsurface utilities can result in budget overruns and costly project delays, and there is strong potential for serious injuries. Never take a chance when it comes to utility locating- instead, find a private utility locator service in Pennsylvania like GPRS.


  • Water Lines
  • Gas Lines
  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Storm Sewers
  • Electrical Lines
  • Communication Lines
  • Irrigation Lines
  • Unknown Or Abandoned Pipes
  • Underground Storage Tanks

Pennsylvania Underground Utility Locating: Subsurface Damage Prevention is Key

When you break ground on your project, you’ll want to avoid any surprises. Line strikes can be common on construction sites when proper precautions are not taken, resulting in serious injuries to your crew and damage to existing infrastructure. These types of accidents can also significantly delay your project and cause budget overruns. Contacting a professional underground utility locator before the start of your project is the best way to prevent these issues.

Calling 811 is a great step, but it’s not enough to prevent subsurface damage on a job site. 811, the national “call before you dig” number, will only inform you about public utility lines. If there are any private utilities such as water, sewer, storm drains, or electric lines underground, 811 won’t have any knowledge of those lines, which is why it’s necessary to hire a private utility locating company.

About GPRS: A Natural Locator in Pursuit of 100% Subsurface Damage Prevention

GPRS was one of the first companies in the United States to specialize in concrete scanning and underground utility locating, and we didn’t stop there. Since first starting in 2001, we’ve also become experts in 3D laser scanning, video pipe inspection, and leak detection. Over two decades of experience, innovation, and excellent service later, we have a nationwide service network of more than 300 project managers in every major market and city, along with a reputation as an industry leader.

Risk Management: Subsurface Locators in Pursuit of Safety

Damage prevention and safety are the most important considerations on job sites, and they’re the top reasons to hire a private utility locating company before breaking ground. Proper ground disturbance policies and dig permits help to prevent accidents, while not having these in place can lead to line strikes.

In 2019, GPRS completed 72,000 concrete scanning and utility locating projects. We were able to achieve an accuracy rate of over 99.8% on these projects in part thanks to the implementation of the Subsurface Investigation Methodology, or SIM. Though this rate of accuracy leads the industry, we are still not satisfied. Our goal is 100% subsurface damage prevention, and we refuse to settle for less.

Why GPRS?: Choosing an Underground Private Utility Locator in Pennsylvania

GPRS is constantly seeking out the latest and most reliable technology to help us do our jobs better every day. We know that accuracy and reliability are crucial in this line of work and we take that seriously. We even opened our own training center with a full-time training and safety director on staff so that every GPRS project manager gets all the training, immersion, and instruction they need to succeed in their role.

After completing an extensive training program, each GPRS manager completes an average of 300 projects per year. Each one is done with the same care and the same standards, so that you get the most accurate data every time.

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GPRS of Pennsylvania

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems LLC, is the nation’s largest company specializing in the detection of underground utilities, video pipe inspection, and the scanning of concrete structures. GPRS has an extensive nationwide network of highly trained and experienced project managers in every major U.S. market.

When clients hire GPRS, they have the peace of mind of knowing that they have the most reliable scanning technology on their job site and they'll receive the assistance of a project manager who can provide them with the most accurate data. For over a decade, GPRS has been the industry leader by providing outstanding service and cutting edge technology, keeping projects on time, reducing safety risks, and putting our relationships with our clients before profit.



Subsurface Investigation in Pennsylvania

It goes without saying that the construction industry can improve in damage prevention. The main culprit of line strikes is the lack of proper ground disturbance policies and dig permits. Here at GPRS, we believe that the construction industry can get closer to achieving 100% subsurface damage prevention by implementing the Subsurface Investigation Methodology Specification or SIM. In 2019, GPRS saw an accuracy rate of over 99.8% on 72,000 concrete scanning and utility locating projects while using the SIM process. While this leads the locating industry, we are still not satisfied with these amazing results.

We will continue to pursue all avenues of technology, training and methodology in order to deliver this goal of safety for our clients. GPRS is in pursuit of 100% subsurface damage prevention, will you join us?


When deciding who to hire for utility location, concrete scanning, 3D laser scanning and video pipe inspection, why not hire the top rated and best? Unlike countless companies that offer multiple services, at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, we focus on a single task. That is our sole focus! We specialize in utility locating and our experience and expertise is second to none!

Safety and quality is our main focus, so much so, that we built our own training center where every GPRS project manager is required to complete an extensive training program before they can perform field services on your job site. Our staff includes a full time training and safety director to make sure all of our project managers are skilled in operating our equipment with high levels of competence and confidence, while always being diligent about performing our duties safely.

GPRS was one of the first companies in the country to focus on concrete scanning and utility locating, primarily using ground penetrating radar (GPR). Since we started in September, 2001, we have built a nationwide network of offices with staff strategically placed in every major metropolitan area in the United States. Since our founding, we have worked on some of the largest and most significant construction projects in the country. We stay busy: On average, each of our project managers perform 300 jobs per year.

We are the best at what we do because it is all we do. When you are faced with the need to know what lies below the surface.

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GPRS provides private utility locating, leak detection, CCTV video pipe inspection, and concrete scanning throughout the state of Pennsylvania. GPRS provides subsurface obstruction location and analysis to keep construction and excavation projects on time, on budget, and safe. Prevent subsurface damage and avoid striking gas communication, water, sewer, or electrical lines. Schedule a project with us today!

Structural Reinforcement Located by GPRS- Pennsylvania

A general contractor was core drilling (6) holes with various diameters in York, PA. Prior to drilling, the structural engineer required minimal reinforcement compromised during the process (particularly the vertical bar).

Residential CCTV Pre and Post Inspections With Incline Crawler Camera

GPRS was called out to a residential build, where a swimming pool was being constructed near the city sanitary sewer line.

Investigation To Determine Rebar Spacing & Reinforcement Type

GPRS was able to locate and determine the reinforcement spacing and mark them on the surface. No conduits or utilities were detected within the area scanned.