Private Utility Mark Out At A Colonial Pipeline Refinery - Mt Laurel, NJ

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Jersey was used to locate refinery product lines located from 2’-7’ subsurface. The general contractor called GPRS to the site to help locate the pipes and any other subsurface obstructions, then use GPS coordinates to overlay our findings into the existing CAD file for future use. Rhett Teller of GPRS was able to locate the pipe lines over an acre of land and produced an Auto CAD file shortly after the job was completed. All findings were marked and flagged for visual view of the pipes and then over laid using the GPS coordinates.

Rhett Teller performs GPR scanning to locate utilities or other anomalies located underground. For private utility locating projects in Princeton, Vineland, or Gloucester contact Rhett Teller at or (215)694-4747.