Locate Utilities in Tampa, FL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. (GPRS) was contacted by a contractor in order to locate any anomalies such as gas lines, sewer lines, electrical lines, water lines, communications lines and fiber optic lines at a location in Tampa, FL. The contractor needed to make certain of where anomalies were running in order to avoid hitting them while installing new wells on the property. The company contacted GPRS of Florida in order to know where the lines were located in order to avoid hitting any of them.

Justin Rasanow of GPRS was contacted in order to perform the survey at this location. Using our 400MHz antenna radar equipment, we were able to map out all of the anomalies which were running through the areas of concern as well as provide depths to the tops of the anomalies found. The contractor was pleased with our results and felt relieved that they were able to work in the areas knowing where the anomalies were located.

Below is a photo taken on-site which depicts a drainage line running through an area of concern. This line was coming from the grass area and running into a drainage grate in the parking lot. It was marked in green paint as a "sanitary line" because it was drainage water and not fresh or reclaimed water.