Private Utility Locating Prior To Excavation - Bismarck, ND

GPRS was contacted by a general contractor to mobilize to a site in Bismarck, North Dakota to perform an underground utility locate. The contractor had plans to put on an addition to a small building at the Bismarck Airport. Prior to the excavation process they contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to perform a utility survey and map all utilities found on the surface. The purpose of the survey would be to map the utilities on the surface with elevations/depths to ensure that the contractor would not strike, hit, or damage them.

Sam Hammons with GPRS mobilized to the site and surveyed the area on short notice. The contractor was pleased with the results of the survey as a few utilities and grounding wire were located in the excavation site area. Ground Penetrating Radar was also able to determine the depth to the top of the utilities found. This is very helpful when excavating as the contractor can know how deep to dig before they will run into the known utility. To receive a custom site spec for any of the following areas: North Dakota, South Dakota or Minnesota, please contact Regional Manager Sam Hammons at (612)270-8427 or