Private Utility Locating Marks Out Utilities in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

A client was installing a chilled water system at a university in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. This called for approximately 2.5 linear miles of trenching that would be 8 foot wide and 10 feet deep. Before trenching, the client wanted to be aware of any underground utilities before excavating. The client also needed all of the underground utilities overlaid into an existing CAD file providing by the university. Generally when marking out utilities, their location is painted on the surface or marked with flags. However, due to the size of this project, the client didn’t want to risk the markings on the surface to be covered up or to fade away during the duration of the trenching, which is why a CAD file was needed for this project. The client reached out to Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, who specializes in underground utility locating. Sam Hart, who covers the Central Pennsylvania area for GPRS, was the technician on site who was able assist the client with this project. He located water lines, gas lines, steam lines, electrical and communication lines, as well as their depths below the surface. After finding these lines, Sam took his findings and overlaid them into an existing CAD file for the client. Sam Hart is based out of the Harrisburg office and covers the mid-state. He has worked in many PA cities including Shippensburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Lock Haven.

GPRS performs GPR scanning to locate any utilities or anything subsurface before drilling or excavating. For any projects in Central Pennsylvania, contact Sam Hart at (717)798-5721 or Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has a representative in every major city, so we are able to come out and scan as soon as you need us. It’s always best to have as much information available about anything that may subsurface before any project. It can save money as well as ensure a safer working environment.