Private Utility Locating Before Soil Boring - Bowling Green, KY

GPRS was contacted by an engineering firm to locate utilities at a gas station in Bowling Green, Kentucky. There were several areas planned for soil borings and the firm wanted to know the areas were clear to bore.

Upon arriving on site, the firm marked the boring locations. These areas were then scanned with the RD 7000 and the 400 MHz antenna. After scanning the first area, an electric line was discovered traveling from the building to a nearby electrical panel. Due to the close proximity of the boring location and the electric line, it was suggested the boring location be adjusted. The new boring location was then scanned and cleared to bore. Only one other boring location had to be adjusted due to utilities. This boring location was adjusted also due to an electric line traveling nearby. Once all areas were adjusted and cleared, the engineering firm began to bore.

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