Concrete Imaging Used to Locate Reinforcing - Killington, VT

A general contractor was working on a project at a residential home which required core drilling so that several pipes could be installed the house foundation. To install these pipes, the contractor had to core drill through multiple locations, and it was essential that the contractor would be able to avoid coring through any reinforcing. Of course, drilling through reinforcing would have compromised the structural integrity of the home. Prior to beginning the core drilling process, the contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New England to scan the foundation, so that all of the reinforcing could be located. For this project, GPRS used a High Resolution 1600MHz Antenna (which is able to scan concrete up to 18-22” in thickness with incredible accuracy of +/-1/4” on the location and depth of an anomaly.)

After all of the reinforcing was located, the general contractor had all of the information that they needed to proceed with confidence and safety. This allowed contactor to safely core, and relay to their client that the structural rebar of the home was not compromised in the process. If you have a project where you need to locate rebar, conduit, or post tension cables in the New England Region please contact your local technician which can be found at .

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